Francie Marzec

Francie Marzec

Physical Therapy -

Business Name : The Real You Physical Therapy, P.L.L.C

Address : Serving All of WNY

Phone Number : 716-861-1297

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Chronic pain can be 24/7 or that recurring monthly pain. However, anyone who has ever been in pain, can attest that it is more than just an unpleasant sensation in the body. It affects thinking, memory, anxiety and happiness.
The original cause of the pain can be escalated by the body's own protective mechanisms. That's why to resolve your pain, you need a whole-body approach.
Francie's full-history and big picture approach studies your entire body. This type of diagnosis allows for a deeper understanding of your body's mechanisms, because they are keeping you from being pain-free. Francie uses physical touch, teach you how to affect and improve muscle imbalances that create pain and improper body mechanics. You learn how to fix yourself with information you can use forever.
Francie's toolbox of methods is vast, but they all revolve around a simple concept, she does not have to hurt you to help you. A typical treatment will consist of 1 hour of hands-on movements, where you mentally and physically participate. Only a few individualized movements will be completed at home, to progress you. At each session, you get progression with both the hands-on techniques and your home movements, together they will work to create THE REAL YOU.
Francie has been a Physical Therapist for over 18 years, however a recent 2-year stint, as the patient, proved to be a life-changing education. Francie will give you the owner's manual to your own body. Ask her how?